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Manjoo Kar

Transforms People’s Life And Help Companies To Achieve Their Maximum Potential.

Every one of us has the birthright to be happy and live in abundance. But there are lots of hurdles on which we stumble and fail in life.
I am a Manjoo Kar Feng shui consultant for last 25 years. I have profound results of my clients in India and out countries.
I can help you empower your ability to face life with confidence and enhance your energy to obtain health wealth and prosperity.

Feng Shui mastery achieved from Master Jospeph Yu Canada, Jon Sandifer for Astrology, and Lillian Too.

Also well trained in QI GONG under Master Feng, Australia.

My Journey​

My journey in Spiritual life started at the early age of 10. I was blessed to meet and come across many spiritual gurus and Yogis. In the year 2002, I had the privilege of meeting Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. My trip to Kailash Mansarovar was under his company. My Journey with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev was a close encounter to the growth of my spirituality. My further opening To Cure Is Possible by Dr. Avdhoot Shivanandji. With him, my entire vision of my life changed and made me understand the path of life’s journey in depth. Hence people’s pain, agony, and their approach to life made me think to reach them. So I could do with Grace of Baba Avdhoot Shivannda Ji, his teaching of cosmic energy made life easy. I am a sound therapist, dance therapist, and chiropractor. All this made me a profound seeker.

My Mission​

To reach all sectors of people. To help them to understand and educate them to grow in their life. Make life very easy and fruitful. No one should depend on anyone and lose their identity and make lifestyle a platform of problems. As a consultant of Feng Shui allowed I to meet people of all kinds. Business people, affluent people, and also mediocre slum dwellers. Each and everyone I could meet and get profound results. My special children of NASEOH have established their lives with propriety and happy living. People suffering from chronic illness overcome and lead a normal life. Sour relations turned to compatible relationships, family bonding, children excel in their success. People on the verge of Suicide came to terms with their lives and achieved placement in society.
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