With over 30 years of experience, I am a seasoned Feng Shui Consultant dedicated to harmonizing environments and enhancing lives. My expertise spans globally, with significant results achieved in Asia and India. My comprehensive understanding of classical Feng Shui principles, combined with a modern approach, allows me to offer tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.
Services offered:
1 – Residential Feng Shui
2 – Commercial Feng Shui
3 – Site Selection
4 – Design and Layout Consultation
5 – Annual Feng Shui Updates
I have successfully conducted Feng Shui consultations in India and various locations abroad such as Canada, the U.S.A., and Boston, and have received positive feedback from every client. I hope to continue achieving the same positive response in the future.
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What can Feng Shui do for you!

The practice of Feng Shui is simple; life in harmony with the elements of nature. Balancing these elements and tapping into the promising energy lines of the Earth, activates the invisible powerful energies of the environment to work strongly in your favour by bringing you tremendous good fortune and protecting you against bad luck, bad health and lost opportunities

Feng Shui For Home

Restores good health and promotes success in your life. Also improves the quality of your relationship with people.

Feng Shui For Business

Enhances business success. Improves employee productivity and workflow. Hence improves prosperity, wealth luck of the business owner.

Feng Shui For Astrology

Discovers your potential. Activates your life. Analyze your elements. Your Kua number. Your time and space effects on your life.


What My Clients Say?

I reached out to Mrs Manju Kar to get Feng Shui advice for my home, career and family. She came highly recommended by a family member.
KT Singh
Dallas, Texas, Usa
Manju Kar is amazingly gifted. Thanks to her Feng Shui, there has been a remarkable change and lot of Positivity in our office. She is dedicated and takes her work seriously.
Pramila Hiren Bharani
You come into our house in 2018, cleared the clutter and transformed our existence. You’ve always advocated a loving home will love you back, the results of which are clearly seen and felt by us.
Simran & Nikhil

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